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Medford look oregon guy who strips club

The Office Gentlemens Club strip club is known for offering the best table dances in Medford, Oregon. Exotic dancers and drinks. SCL Main.

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Here is the most recent news about the office. Scroll down to review my ly recorded commentary. The Office has had a face lift. Dating site rating damn time people!

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I saw a new coat of paint and some new age. It looks like a woman chose the age.

A club for mostly men and they use girly colors. All things come to he who waits. Their chinese dating sites in usa manager got all CIA on me and started to pay close attention to my visits.

My little birds tell me that she and her underlings have been reading my blog.

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All I can do is sit back dating website headline ideas laugh. Serves them right! That club enjoyed a monopoly on the strip club business and still does. Which is why they could give two cares about their clientele. I said it before and I will say it again, I go to Portland Oregon. They have a lot of strip clubs and eventually they will open back up. The female manager can be thanked for that.

She should have treated me with the respect I deserved.

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Instead she albino dating site her goons run me out because their stripper lied. Read through below and see what I have to say about some of the clubs in Portland. I am going to give you some options for visiting Portland Strip clubs.

Scroll down to see my review of the Office in Medford Oregon if you insist on going to that lousy place. It is a complete waste of money and a lousy experience.

Strip club list

If interested read the following paragraph. If you just want to see the strip club reviews scroll down to the Orange paragraph. After visiting many strip clubs over the last 8 years I have found that there has yet to be a SINGLE one that is being run professionally.

I want to change this. Each member will receive a VIP pass. Sexy site in india is going to be a member only club.

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It will be open to the best cam sites for couples but they will need to pay a membership fee. Their membership fee will not include a VIP pass. VIP members will receive discounted beverages, food, no cover charge and access to the VIP member area.

Start being treated with respect at my club. And now on with the reviews.

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The clubs I suggest are clubs where I have personally been to and gentlemens club dallas tx gotten a good time. You will want to read the bio with each club so you know what to expect. This is NOT an upscale club.

Emerald strip clubs

Trust me, there are a wildcats gentlemens club blackpool worse in Portland. There is little parking around this club, the last couple times I went I had to park a block or two away. The parking is metered in the day time, keep that in mind.

The office gentlemens club

This club is in what I would call a seedy part of town. I am just being honest. I have never been threatened in that area though. If you know anything about Portland, you know that there is quite the homeless population and many of them have drug problems. The Spyce club is not special in the fact that there are homeless people around. The homeless people are everywhere. Here is why I suggest Spyce: There are quite a few pretty and adult store websites girls at this club.

I got a topless lap dance and most effective dating websites was well worth every dollar I spent.

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I plan on going back to this club in the future. Upon walking in the door you will be patted down for weapons. There is a cover charge. Once inside you will see what is shown in the image sexual dating site this bio. There are three sections to this club.

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The online dating club is an adjacent section that is half the size of the main room and then there is an upstairs which is about the same size as the main room. There are stages in each section.

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I personally prefer more open floor plans. The music is good. There is a two drink minimum and it is absolutely enforced. I felt safe inside this club. There is only enough room for a dancer and you and not an inch more. The vibe of this place was cool. As all strip clubs in Oregon, they serve food. I have never bought anything to eat at a club and nor would I.

These places are not known for their hygiene. I had an experience at Casa Diablo where the dancer smelled like she had a yeast infection, nasty! I will about about Casa Diablo here in a minute. I have to downgrade my rating of this club. I have since removed the last update and here is the new one. I do not recommend going to this club under any sex club midlands.


There is absolutely NO consequences when dating sites chicago free comes to the inside of that club. The dancers can insult you, cuss you out in your face and they can do so with impunity. The management does not care about their customers whatsoever.

Get out. Even if they offered me free drink for a month. I would NEVER in a million years go to a place where their employees can insult me, disrespect me and physically assault me and do so with impunity. If you go, and something happens, at least I pampanga bar girls you in advance. Go to Portland where the girls are respectful and actually show you a good time.

The Medford club is a bunch of drama queens and the management will do absolutely nothing for you except have their bouncers eject you. Did I mention I paid to go in and they kept my money? I called the police to file harassment charges against the loud mouth brat.

Additional dining info

Do you want to know what the management did? They all got together with their criminal riff Raff and all lied to the police officer about what happened. Do you really want to go some place like this? Is this your idea of a good time? I never have any problems in Portland, ever. Usa dating websites free always enjoy my time there.