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Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating site best framework. Foundation's xy grid, especially.

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I'm about to start developing a dating site, sexy ladies site need some basic functionalities and it seems like it's pretty straightforward to de it with Drupal.

Just wanted to hear about your experiences deing such site and had some questions. I just heard about Drupal a few days ago and installed it and now loading up some modules in it. I read some article online that when caching is enabled performance increases up to three times. I've experienced that myself with Zend, it was very convenient to do most of the ordinary stuff, but on the other hand it had my hands tied if I wanted to do some dating sites in va but out of ordinary stuff specially with ZF DB.

Is it the same story with Drupal?

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I have been programming with PHP for years, "developed" or should I say configured an e-commerce site with Joomla for my dad's business and have been doing contract works here and there. Also some of the people who have posted to male strip clubs ky forum, their links aren't working.

Are those failed projects due to lack of development time? I had a dating site running on drupal for 3 years. I do not recommend it, I just redeveloped the entire site using Django. When it comes to dating sites you need a lot more customization then a strip club fremont drupal framework can offer you. The database requests wheres the nearest strip joint eat up your bandwidth, and finally it comes stock with way to many features you don't need.

I would use drupal for other types of sites but never for a dating site or anything that needs heavy customizations again.

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I have a dating site called Site de rencontre which is not under heavy load at the moment. At this top 5 black dating sites I can have a maximum of 40 simultaneous users guests and registeredand the CPU usage is really not high fortunately.

Mild memory usage. And indeed, I have some worries about heavy usage. I think Drupal needs more resources and needs a lot of clever customization than other frameworks. My site had on average simultaneous users. The s will hang and take forever to load, CPU usage was high at times.

Worse considering everyone knows Drupal there were lots of bots targeting my site.


The worse problem was the virus that hit and rewrote all my PHP files. There are several reasons for the switch: Memory, CPU framework, high database queries. Now that I know the type of viruses that can target PHP files. Django allows everything to be modular don't get me wrong django still requires memory to run. But my current site is using 0. You have way more control over the UI without having to just intercept everything. Not sure if I am the only one to see intercepting code as bad and bloated. Finally I wanted to start using a full fledged programming language instead of PHP.

Don't get me wrong drupal is great for some purposes however the more experienced I get the less I use it. It was my dating CMS for 6 years. The more I think about it, I'm leaning more towards not using a framework at all, and implement whatever I want myself or get outsource it to India or hire a coder site. But I'm still thinking about using PHP as the main language. What problems were you experiencing with the PHP language and do you have any reference articles regarding "the type of viruses that can target PHP"?

I would never ever ever outsource this type of project to India from my experience granny hot site meeting single person I worked with from there wrote really bad code probably not all of them, only the ones I dealt with. Besides that php as a language is just ugly. Or the array array array array array is site to follow at times.

My hatred japanese strip club in australia coding with PHP is after meet m app years of coding with it and then being introduced to Python, and Ruby.

I also really like Ruby. As somebody who created a dating site earlier this year didn't go public due to business partner sillynessI can say if I had to do it again, I'd again use Drupal. The site I did had a lot of social networking functionality - I was able to find Drupal modules that did several of the key pieces of functionality that I needed - saved me weeks of coding, I suspect.

If you look at the various LARGE institutions using Drupal, it's pretty hard to bi male hookup app that it's not a solid platform whitehouse. As somebody who has been in information security for over 10 years managed services, technical co-founder a security company, currently doing penetration testing and secure code reviews I can say the "PHP viruses" argument is pretty lacking.

Any platform you run requires management, maintenance, and diligence. black free sex site

Completely open source. % source code.

Understand the differences. Languages - PHP started no strings date site a scripting language with a simple learning curve. It's grown from there, not always in good ways see: object orientation, breaking backwards compatability. Ruby has a nice following, but honestly it's pretty immature see: speed, multithreading. As somebody who's run development teams in foreign countries, I can say if you know what you're doing, the work will turn out just fine.

Especially if you can find a strong tech lead to have on-site who you trust.

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It comes down to how well you create specifications for what you want and how well you communicate with those teams. Reza - happy to talk through details with you if you're interested. Regarding performance, check out pressflow. Drupal has IMHO a pretty steep learning curve. I'd try to do one or two small project sites before ahmadiyya dating site work on your main project. Become very familiar with drupalmodules.

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If you decide to go down this path, I strongly recommend getting a copy of Pro Drupal Development - calgary dating sites good book. Protected Industries. Hi proindustries, I read that you created a dating website.

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Would you be so kind as to list the modules you used? Would you be willing to share or sell your implementation notes? I see that you did not go into production, but is there a URL where I could see your implementation? Thanks top sex free sites.

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Facebook I believe uses it and I'm sure they're always under heave attacks. As for the framework, I don't need all the social networkings that your mature couples forum required. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. Just user registration, profileuser search based on compatibility and private messaging.

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Do you still think that Drupal would be a good choice for this project? Have you ever looked into one of the frameworks sets of "minimalistic" PHP frameworks that are under certain let's say 50 KBs? Hey you just asked me why I don't use it anymore. My site got hit with a PHP virus it went through all the sites I had on my shared host so when 4 list of 100 free dating sites in asia go down and you loose lots of customers there is a big problem.

You also can't really compare me and facebook for a few reasons: better adult dating erotic clubs indiana They have over developers and 2 There PHP code gets compiled. Ether way language choices are up to you. I have my reasons for switching. We all have different experiences I have been developing for 12 years, and as I am sure you know sites I don't know and you have experienced things that I haven't it goes the same two dating.

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Anyways if black free dating apps stick with drupal best mature dating sites uk your dating site great. All I can do is share the experience I had and why I changed technologies. Looks interesting, but is it maintained? I've worked with CakePHP before, it seemed to do the dating at the time, but personally I've drank the Drupal Koolaid for my "simple" web projects.

The aforementioned dating site we intended to adult club in rhondda rewrite in a "real" language site we have proof-of concept and a user base. Basically, it comes down to this: Obviously, find the lightest framework that does what you need. No need for extra baggage. That said, find newport news forum sex that will grow with you for some period of time, say a year or two.

I'd say make a list of what functionality you want to launch with, what functionality you want to add within a year, then see what frameworks can support that. The one piece of advice I very strongly recommend, is create as few of these pieces yourself, at framework. Pressflow, the ly mentioned performance-tuned distribution of Druapl, supports HipHop, although I can't say how well:. I made dating with drupal within reach modules. It is on slovenian language and it is in production for now.

You can look and make profile for test or with Up. I attach GTranslate for help but i dont now it is work or not. If you likeand you want have the same on your language you can contact me.

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You told a few months ago that you rewrote your Drupal dating site in Django. At the time you wrote about Django, I got curious about it, and I finally learned bodybuilders dating site one a a half month later.

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I now have some more comments and questions to sex apps bolton on your first answer. I have a complex Drupal site that has run for a year and a half, and have had many memory issues 4GB full and Swap full : server down with only peaks at about 45 simultaneous registered users, sometimes twice a day.