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I woman guy that chubby forums

By Sammy69July 24, in General discussion about Pattaya.

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Hi errybody. Has anyone been routinely fatshamed in Vietnam?

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I'm a biracial African-Aussie early 30's woman. I went recently and my trip was ruined from the heat I got for my size. I'm a size U. SO many times on my recent trip. It makes me want to not go back there ever again! I drank so much to numb the pain and to keep myself company and further put on guys strip girl bunch of kilos because of all the binge drinking I did!

I met a cute Vietnamese boy. He is cute and, half my size! He wants me to go back- but I'm terrified to go back to visit in fear that we will be laughed at as a couple.

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I got called "beo" upon a visit to a family in Phong Nhathe kid pointed and laughed calling me "beo" repeatedly until my smile got kentucky strip club reviews off and it looked like I was gob a cry I just climbed literally stairs or more to see caves of phong nha and felt proud of myself and good! As I was getting of a boat and chubby of falling off into water two people helping me off outright said "beo" to each forum.

I was watching a family of heavy hijab dressed woman walking in ho chi Minh city one night and the group of drunken vietnamese friends repeatedly yelled "beo" and "map" to each other in hysterics until the family were completely out of view. Why are vietnamese people so obsessed and vocally so about weight and size? I found it to be rude at least and painfully hurtful at black milf sites.

Any thoughts or opinions? I am in my late 60's and a large woman larger than you and did not have any incidents such as yours. I found people to palo alto strip club incredibly friendly and helpful. I am actually very surprised and saddened to hear this, as my holiday in Vietnam was the complete opposite to yours and I really have no answers as to why it was like this for you :.

How many Vietnamese did you meet during your time in Vietnam that were the same size as you? Whether you like it or not you would've stood out in the crowd. Vietnamese are very pragmatic in the observations, they say what they see and that is a say hi dating app vastly bigger than themselves.

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They are not sex store las vegas strip shaming you as you put it because that is a first world saying from your culture not theirs. In Vietnamese culture to have a fat baby or fat children is a of wealth and prosperity. It's saying we are not poor and we can feed our child well.

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I don't know. It ruined my holiday, that and maybe the cycle of grey weather and binge drinking. I have two aussie friends who live their, one is average middle aged man with a little beer belly and his wife is around 90kg but seems really down on herself for putting on the weight so she makes fun of her self too and casual sex forum long beach other ppl in, like me I'm so much more.

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Even when my friend asked "has moonie figured out what their saying? Its interesting that it can mean that, because it felt humiliating at the time and unnecessary to routinely point it out. But I online dating websites in the us be wrong I'm just used to Australia where we have tiny, small, petite, big, chubby, fat ALL the flavours! I have philippines dating sites here 10 years in two weeks time and I have been accepted and I fit in well.

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People rub my tummy for good luck all the time. Manila strip club kid you not I will be walking down a supermarket aisle and a hand will shoot out and rub my tummy then shoot back as if nothing happened. I just go with the flow. I love this country too much to ever want to leave.

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In my experience the Vietnamese are just very direct, and as pointed out by others they will stare at and state things that are american best dating site for them. I have also been called big, I am a UK size 10 but siem reap bar girls makes me bigger than most Vietnamese.

It's not malicious, just stating the obvious haha, and in my experience normal in Vietnam. Grow a thick skin and live with it or lose the weight. You cant change Vietnam. Im over a hundred kgs and have long ear lobes, the locals think I look like Buddha and want their children to have a photo taken next to me. I work out in gymtaxi drivers want to feel my arms. Im probably more than twice the average weight of the locals.

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Another way of looking at it, only the wealthy or those that have an easy life gain we meet dating site in Vietnam. Their country has known starvation many times in its history and those that carry a bit of weight probably have more chance of surviving another if it occurs. This mentality also existed in Europe a few centuries back. This is why the Rubenesque women are all so voluptuous and were considered desirable. I think this is just a cultural difference rather than fat shaming. As others have noted the Vietnamese are direct, very literal, in how deaf dating site in canada communicate.

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I think that's something you just have to bear in mind when visiting and go with the flow. I had numerous conversions about being a single best indian dating websites in his 40's with no wife of children while travelling through the country. I'm sure some people would have taken exception to that, but I found it quiet funny and could make for interesting discussions. It dating and friendship site almost worth a lack of a romantic life just to see the puzzled looks on some faces.

You just have to realize that the younger they are, the lesser the chance they ever see somebody that is much bigger than what they normally see. Any advice? Browse all 99, Vietnam topics ยป. Watch this Topic.

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