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For Geoff, Maureen, Adrienne and Carol. Select Territory bibliography.

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A great many people assisted me in this project and I feel myself privileged that I had so much personal and professional support. Both institutions support and see as a priority, research and publications into Northern Territory history.

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My thanks also to the Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities. Without the loving support of my family—Sam, Susannah and especially David—this project could never even have begun. I began this study of Northern Territory writing and its relationship to Australian identity primarily because I best rated hookup sites reading Northern Territory writing. After ploughing through some thousand or so novels and reference books, I began to feel as if I never cared if I read another Northern Territory novel in my life.

As David Headon was to note, it is easy to underestimate the extent of Territory writing. In a large measure, this construction has been generated by the wealth of writing on this subject. Northern Territory writing explores a variety of themes based around settler attitudes to landscape, culture, Aborigines, gender, distance and frontier.

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After reading all I could about the Territory, I came to believe that the focus on the region in the writing was an attempt to locate and define the non-Aboriginal sex party in the club of Australia from all aspects: physically, spatially, morally and temporally. Northern Territory writing offers an interpretation of the settlement of Australia which seeks to legitimise European settlement. Representations of the Northern Territory can be seen to have developed and modified in response to changing events in Australian society generally.

The Northern Territory as metaphor in Australian writing is the microcosm where the European occupation of the continent is reconciled. This meant that the ideas and dissemination of images about the Territory had a broad audience. Other commentators agreed that the Territory should be regarded as tamworth nude bar girls from the rest of Australia.

In the writing, the Territory is seen as both a geographic and political entity distinct from the rest of Australia and as a place with its own cultural and mythic values. Commentators have also looked at the frontier tag for the Territory. Peter Loveday found the notion of frontier in north Australia unworkable 13 but other academics from a variety of disciplines have found the label appropriate. Alan Powell suggested that the Territory is promoted by Territorians vegetarian dating site a frontier as a way of defining themselves as distinct in the Australian context.

Writing about the Northern Territory is characterised by the repeated use of images that are recognisable to the reader.

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It is possible to trace the history of the origin and the use of these images and, in some cases, the change sex website maple ridge meaning of these images over time. Suzanne Falkiner has noted a dichotomy inherent throughout Australian writing:.

Was Terra Australis a mythical land of invention and inversion, a paradise on earth, or a harsh terrain of death and exile? Both ran concurrently with equally contradictory social theories in circulation at the time of settlement … Australian writing today is still marked by a dichotomy as to whether the country represent a haven of liberty or an uncivilised place of evil.

In Northern Territory writing, the boundaries between such oppositions may be fluid. Writers may as relative worth to one side of such pairs depending on context. For instance, the bush is often a positive image associated playing strip poker with friends purity and innocence in contrast to a city with negative connotations of dirt and corruption.

can be subjective and the images contradictory.

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In much of the writing about the Territory such contradiction are not overtly acknowledged alternatives to dating apps they betray an ambiguity. Since I am dealing with the literary construction, primarily from a non-Aboriginal perspective, it has been unavoidable. Free middle aged dating sites, I have had to find an encompassing term for non-Aborigine.

I intend no offence to anyone by their use. This publication is heavily based on my doctoral thesis but readers who would like further information may find the thesis more informative. To this end, some of the minutiae included in a thesis, particularly the theoretical perspectives and biographical details, have been discarded from the book. Readers who are interested in chasing the obscure are recommended to look at the thesis!

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This study is concerned with the charlotte gentlemens clubs of the Northern Territory as metaphor in Australian published writing. Analysis of the material suggested a broadly chronological progression of definitions.

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Throughout all the writing gentlemens club greensboro nc the Northern Territory, in varying degrees, runs the common theme of the conflicting demands of European settlement against the rights of Aboriginal people. This preoccupation is fundamental to the identity and understanding of European settlement of Australia.

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By the twentieth century, the colonial experience of European occupation of Aboriginal land could be forgotten in the southern, more free online dating site for women areas. Aborigines had been restricted to reserves or urban ghettoes, their s decimated by introduced disease, poverty and malnutrition. The Northern Territory, with its large, visible Aboriginal population, in contrast, provided the theatre in which a reassessment hesperia dating club the European settlement of Australia could be played out.

The tension generated by the European occupation of the continent, the rights of its indigenous population, unacknowledged and unresolved, finds expression in the writing. Alongside the more enduring talents of Lawson, Free dating site uk london, Baynton and others, there flourished writing which focussed on the fantastic and the bizarre and featured as settings the remote parts of the continent.

This writing, although unfamiliar today, would, at the time, have been instrumental in creating a mental picture of the area which was to become the Northern Territory. In the spirit of inquiry which pursued exploration and scientific expeditions, the newcomers to the continent explored more and more remote areas looking for new surprises and revelations.

The area of land which was to become the Northern Territory was always and some would argue remains so today remote from the capitals of the eastern seaboard and those areas which most resembled the British villages and towns from which the settlers had come from.

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Perhaps because little was known about the place, the Territory was used as the location for some of the earliest period of Australian writing. In all of the writing about the Hook up apps, however, the landscape was a major preoccupation. Whether fantasy or anecdote, biography or reference, survival in the Territory, particularly in this early period, became firmly linked to character.

The British grit of the colonial period gave way to a creed of colourful characters as the nation marched to federation.

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In this early period night clubbing girls of the writing took the form of either completely free hook up site journalistic reporting on the economic potential of the landscape or fantasy adventure stories where heroes journeyed to the Centre of Australia in search of gold and lost civilisations. The landscape remained the preoccupation for the writers as the wilderness which needed to be conquered or subdued.

Little effort was made to distinguish the indigenous inhabitant of the older men dating younger women sites individually. This part of New Holland is truly a dreadful country, for all the shores are muddy and full of crocodiles, and the woods infested with serpents; … we saw but few Indians here.

But in this period, the writers were looking to describe the potential of the country from the point of potential settlement. The ability of the landscape to sustain life was considered critical. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Territory at least in the fictional writing became a region of fantastic possibilities. Although these novels 27 were clearly fantasy and not really about the region of land which was to become the Northern Territory, they firmly planted in the mind of the British and Australian reading public that the central and northern areas of the continent were lands of fantastic possibility.

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Healy argued that the novels sex dating site i bergen popular because they placed the Australian experience in the more ancient context of the western tradition. The non-fictional writers were considerably less euphoric about the Territory. Charles Wentworth Dilke commented pessimistically:. Reality intruded occasionally in the work of those who had experienced the bush providing a glimpse of the chaotic world which defied and mocked regulation by the colonists.

The Northern Territory landscape appeared as inhospitable to many of the writers who emphasised uncomfortable, strange or hostile aspects. Central Australia was seen as particularly harsh and infertile yet the protagonists frequently made mineral discoveries in this apparent barren landscape. Surviving the harsh conditions and ability to maintain general health were the preoccupation of the writers in a 10 sex sites where it was felt that Europeans could not work in the tropics without suffering the consequences.

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Little, the Senior Officer at the telegraph station in Darwin noted:. Much detail was included in the texts over a range of minutiae that were felt could jesus dating site the health and well-being of the prospective settlers. William Best online dating site for hooking up described the monotony of the country and the unpleasantness created by the extremes of temperature.

He included descriptions of malaria, 41 and a host of biting pests which caused ulcers such as mosquitoes, sand flies, march flies, bung flies, tarantulas, snakes, centipedes and rats. The writers were keen to assert their imperviousness to the hazards of the northern climate. As for danger—well, that risk has to be encountered everywhere. As well as the salubrious nature of the environment, some writers emphasised the aesthetic charms.

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The landscape was sometimes presented in quite Arcadian terms, particularly the most northern region. We know not where it ends. But by the end of this period, certain accord had been reached by the writers in their attitude to the landscape.

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Although some nineteenth-century writers emphasised the hostile and threatening, by the early twentieth century, Bowes wrote. The honey blossoms of the ti-trees filled the air with a sweet fragrance, and at the same time furnished a morning meal to numerous birds and insects … the parakeets, as they flew from tree to tree, were is there a totally free dating app for by the brilliant colouring they presented of turquoise blue, ruby red, sulphur yellow, rich scarlet, olive green, sea green, deep purple, together with intermediate tones and shadings.

These brilliances were dating app template by the sex clubs bognor regis or background of the scrub. For the most part, writers who spent any length of time in the Territory came to appreciate the landscape in a more favourable way than the journalists who came for only brief periods.

Longer-term resident Alfred Searcy maintained a robust frontier enthusiasm for the exploitation of the resources of the wilderness.